"We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are."-Anais Nin 

 For Custom Eyes

If you lost an eye, probably your first reason for considering an artificial replacement is appearance.



New patients, those who have undergone recent surgery, often feel they will never become accustomed to wearing an artificial eye. Some even believe that their lives are ruined. 

But, if these individuals could know the many fine and successful prosthetic eye wearers we have met through the years, they would not feel so depressed.


Among our patients we number artists, entertainers, public office holders, working people, mothers and children, who are performing their daily tasks as ably as persons having two natural eyes. This is very important to children, especially in their formative years, because of the immeasurable benefit that a well crafted prosthetic eye can add to their self image and the comfort of the child’s parents.




Our ocular prosthesis give our patients a "normal" appearance, which boosts their self confidence.



The ocular prosthesis are custom made and life like to match the fellow eye , and this is what the patients want to regain their "normal"appearance.


Better appearance


Boosted confidence


Safe procedure



Total realism


Safe materials


Comfortable relaxing setting



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